Executive Board

Board Members


  • President Maxym Lachance
  • Vice President Jessica Tremblay-Labelle
  • Treasurer James Bouchard
  • Director Richard Deza
  • Director Trung Nguyen
  • Director Normand Prévost
  • Director Patrick Bouwman



Maxym Lachance, President 

Maxym Lachance holds an associate’s degree in electronics from the Édouard-Montpetit College, as well as a bachelor’s degree (B.Ing.) in automated production from “École de technologie supérieure” (ÉTS). He has been working in the field of automation since 1999 and is currently employed by BBA as a project manager in advanced control and optimisation. He has been involved in all stages of engineering projects, including design, construction, commissioning, and related activities. In the context of these projects, he was in charge of instrumentation and control and was the main contact for clients, contractors and partners. He is a member of the International Society of Automation (ISA) since 2008 and a member of “Ordre des ingénieurs du Quebec” (Quebec’s corporation of engineers).

Jessica Tremblay-Labelle, Vice President

Jessica Tremblay-Labelle holds an associate’s degree in instrumentation and control from Cégep de Chicoutimi, as well as a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Sherbrooke University. Although she started her professional career, she has already gained a lot of experience in various fields, including rail, control and protection, power electrical studies, automation, industry and telecommunications. She is also a member of “Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec” (OIQ).

James Bouchard, Treasurer

James recently retired from the Johnson & Johnson plant in Montreal where he has been engaged in project engineering, machine control and facilities management for almost 40 years. He was actively involved in corporate projects to economize on water and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He has an MBA from McGill University and a B.Sc. in physics from Sir George Williams (now Concordia).

James has been an ISA member since 1978 and served as Montreal Section Treasurer for several years in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. He served as Section President in 1995-96, then became active in the ISA Publications Department and eventually became the first Vice President of the new Web Activities Department in 2003. He was Director of the Food and Pharmaceutical Division in 2008-2009. He wrote the chapter on Programmable Controllers for the ISA textbook, Fundamentals of Industrial Control.

Richard Deza, Past-President

Richard Deza is a sales professional specialised in control and automation. He has seen the automation world though different lenses: first as a technician, then as a designer, and now as a salesman. He has experience with companies that provide solutions to a range of automation needs: from industrial components like sensors, relays and counters, to PLCs, HMIs and motor drives, to electrical CAD software. He is now an Account Manager at Omron Automation & Safety.

Richard graduated from Vanier College with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology (Industrial Electronics). During his time in college he was the Vice-President of ISA Vanier College Student Section. Due to his appetite for learning, he is currently studying entrepreneurship at McGill University.

Trung Nguyen, Past-President 

Trung is an electrical engineer with 30 years experience in applied industrial automation. He has worked on projects in many industries such as pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, metallurgy, petro-chemical and pulp and paper. These projects have allowed him to gain concrete experience in project life cycle implementation for industrial control systems such as DCS, PLC/HMI, SCADA, Batch, Data Historian, MES, ERP, Integration and networking for industrial applications. He is continually updating his technical abilities taht are complemented by his organizational skills, both of which are assets in his role as automation technical lead at Shell Canada.

Normand Prévost, Director

Normand Prévost graduated in electrical engineering 28 years ago from the University of Sherbrooke. He worked for various DCS vendors such as Foxboro and Honeywell and then joined an engineering firm. He worked on many automation projects involving DCS in various fields like pulp and paper, petrochemicals, and energy. His speciality is hot cut-over of live control systems to new or upgraded ones. He has performed more than 10 such implementations in critical areas like refineries without any incidents or unscheduled downtime. After being I&C department manager for many years, he is now Vice-President for business development for western Canada at GCM Consultants.

Patrick Bouwman, Director

Patrick Bouwman is an electrical engineer with over 35 years of experience.  Presently, Patrick is teaching courses in industrial electronics automation, and process control at Vanier College.  Patrick was Coordinator of the Department of Industrial Electronics at Vanier College, Montreal for over 10 years, and recently stepped down to focus on teaching.  As a member of the Department he has written numerous instructional manuals including ones in Electronics, Signal Processing, Automation, Process Control, PLC Programming, and Robotics.  Patrick graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering in 1976, and has over 25 years of industrial experience in the design of military electronics and biomedical instrumentation; including more than ten years of operating his own company specializing in research, design and development of data acquisition and signal processing systems for medical applications.  In addition he has provided design and consulting services to the Process Control and Automation industry, and participated in research conducted at McGill University by custom designing equipment for medical applications.


Patrick has been an ISA member since 2006 and served as Montreal Section and District 13 Education Chair for several years.


ISA Montreal Section has chartered in 1948.


Former Presidents of the ISA Montreal Section

2019-2020 Maxym Lachance
2018-2019 Maxym Lachance
2017-2018 Maxym Lachance
2016-2017 Richard Deza
2015-2016 Richard Deza
2014-2015 Richard Deza
2013-2014 Trung Nguyen
2012-2013 Trung Nguyen
2011-2012 Antonio Alves
2010-2011 Antonio Alves
2009-2010 Smain Medar
2008-2009 Smain Medar
2007-2008 Marc Sider
2006-2007 Marc Sider
2005-2006 Marc Sider
2004-2005 Marc Sider
2003-2004 Helen Beecroft
2002-2003 Helen Beecroft
2001-2002 Helen Beecroft
2000-2001 Elio Ricci
1999-2000 Michel Spilmann
1998-1999 Guy Martin
1997-1998 Pierre Lampron
1996-1997 Pierre Boucher
1995-1996 James E. Bouchard
1994-1995 Diana C. Bouchard
1993-1994 Ralf Struck
1992-1993 Fernand Bouchard
1991-1992 Gilles Bouchard
1990-1991 Rod M. Tomita
1989-1990 Neville Westrup
1988-1989 John A. Barr
1987-1988 Robert J. Gosse
1986-1987 Charles L. Albert
1985-1986 E. (Bud) Marquis | C.L. Albert
1984-1985 E. (Gene) Hofer
1983-1984 John Brkich
1982-1983 Roman Adams
1981-1982 Jean-Claude Marchand
1980-1981 Sam Garfinkle
1979-1980 F. Guy Doyle
1978-1979 Maurice L. Pyndus
1977-1978 René Champagne
1976-1977 T.G. Calder
1975-1976 John L. Milne
1974-1975 Robert Walsh
1973-1974 G.A. Cooke
1972-1973 William Borusiewich
1971-1972 Frank H. Baugh
1970-1971 R.C. Pick
1969-1970 George A.A. Locke
1968-1969 Stanley Weiss
1967-1968 Albert V. Grant
1966-1967 Douglas M. Sloan
1965-1966 Sydney T. Bramwell
1964-1965 James T. Dykes
1963-1964 Philip H. Stirling
1962-1963 Jan Van Oostrom
1961-1962 Gordon B. Hall
1960-1961 H.H. Madgett
1959-1960 H.H. Madgett
1958-1959 P. Dufresne
1957-1958 K.C. Kent
1956-1957 R. Maskell
1955-1956 R.E. Bark
1954-1955 Tom Hislop
1953-1954 John L. More
1952-1953 L.E. Henne | J.E. Oles
1951-1952 J.E. Oles
1950-1951 J. Bolton
1949-1950 F.S. McCarthy
1948-1949 R.M. Brown

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