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Covid-19: an opportunity for improved cybersecurity by engineers

ISA Montreal is organizing a virtual technical presentation on a Covid-19: an opportunity for improved cybersecurity by engineers. The conference will be presented in English and will take place on Wednesday 11 November 2020 at 6:00 p.m. At the end of the presentation, you will receive a one-hour training certificate.

During this presentation, you will learn:

  • Why cybersecurity is important and how is it related to engineering?
  • Basics of cyber security for engineers, operators, and contractors within the OT/IACS space
  • Your responsibilities as a user, and engineer regardless if you are in critical infrastructure, or industry
  • What you can do about it – as an individual computer user (even if cybersecurity or IT is not “your job”), or even through practice ( e.g., secure PLC programming)
  • Ten OT cyber security myths, and current trends to face head on
  • Current strategies to assess OT cyber risk and implement security
  • Transitional approaches and compensating controls where changes to the process equipment is not possible
  • How to identify potential issues proactively and report issues diligently even for the cyber unaware
  • How being an ISA member can help, and what training/certification it provides on the topic of cybersecurity

Ron Brash is a Director of Cyber Security Insights at Verve Industrial Protection, a critical infrastructure-focused organisation that specialises in cyber security products, asset inventorying, vulnerability management, and process integrations/upgrades. Previously, Ron was a manager and SME at a Canadian Cyber Risk Advisory practice based out of Montreal, Quebec. He provided technical knowledge in the aviation security domain, selected ICS/SCADA topics, and advised on a number of technical areas ranging from reverse engineering firmware, risk assessments, security architecture reviews, vendor-integrations, and controls review. Additionally, Ron has an extensive history with oil & gas, was CTO of a technology consultancy providing secure development and security services for industrial devices, co-author at Packt publishing, vulnerability researcher, and was an embedded developer at Tofino Security (A division of Belden) where he worked on several products that are widely deployed today.

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